Dummy Clips

Why Use Dummy Clips...


Babies tend to remove their dummies and throw them, especially when they are playing. Sometimes the dummy will just fall out of their mouths while they are sucking on it. If that happens at home, it is easy to just wash and sterilise it but if it happened in a restaurant, you can't just wash it anywhere without sterilising it. And the worst is if you don't put it back in the baby's mouth, he will keep on crying. This is why dummy clips may come in handy, especially when you are not at home....



Please Note: These dummy clips are for decoration and are NOT a Toy. I do check all items carefully whilst making them, however Your Baby/Child should NOT sleep or be left alone with any Dummy Clip for Safety reasons, They contain small parts, which can pose as a choking hazard and should only be used under adult supervision.  Buyers assume all responsibility for use.


Standard Dummy Clips £3.00 each or 3 for £8.00 (apart from sparkly pink / blue with charm which £4.50)



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